November 8th: Coding Lab

This lab focuses on the basics of network scripting. You will get the chance to participate in our first IRC bot challenge: contestants develop soldier bots to flood and raid our #fortress channel and try to impose dominion. There will be simple rules enforced by a benevolent IRCOp (for example: you cannot lock the channel, you can rely on third-party software/libraries but must develop the bot yourself, etc.). Our own bot will be randomly op-ing and kicking parties in that channel. The last bot standing wins. If there is a winner, he earns a Raspberry Pi and best wishes for a fruitful bot-making career.

Participants who don’t feel they “have the level of coding” to participate should rest assured: our staff – and other friendly members of our community – are there to help, teach and assist. There are simple ways to develop a dumb IRC bot using bash scripting and well-known Linux commands.

The lab starts at 18h; the event is reserved for members of the Codinglab Circle.