This first development course is intended for anyone wishing to start learning how to program a computer. Rather than using pseudo-code, we choose a very practical approach, and teach basic scripting in bash. Its relatively strict syntax immediately allows developing attention to detail; it also allows relying on third-party (command-line) applications to easily and quickly implement interesting functionalities, without relying on libraries. And of course, knowing how to script in bash means being able to do almost anything under Linux!

Participants will learn to rely on variables, loops, conditional expressions, functions, and simple algorithms. They will thus, during the whole duration of the course, develop 12 different scripts, such as a guess-my-age game, a small number sorter, an arithmetic game or a customizable Website scraper. Participants will write and execute their “hello world” in the first 10 minutes!

Course specifications

Max participants: 8

Instructor(s): 1 (language: French)

Total hours: 6 (3 courses of 2 hours each)

Prerequesites: Starter 101 (or equivalent)

Date options

Contact us to find out the next availability.