This first intensive course builds on the knowledge acquired during the Starter 101 sessions. It will deepen the concepts already acquired, and introduce many new ones. Among other things, you will learn about (and experiment with) the Windows (cmd.exe) and Linux command lines (bash), TCP/IP protocols (layers, ports, interfaces, filtering, sniffing, subnets, etc.), algorithms (sorting, routing and encryption), security applications (public-key certificates, TLS/SSL, Tor, VPN), and multimedia concepts (codecs, sampling, bitrate/resolution, compression, streaming, etc.).

Course specifications

Max Participants: 8

Instructor(s): 2 (language: Italian/French)

Total hours: 6 (3 courses of 2 hours each)

Prerequisites: Starter 101 (or equivalent)

Date options

This full 6-hour Intensive First course series is composed of 3 sessions of 2 hours each. See below for the options currently available.

  • October 2nd + October 9th + October 16th. 18h00-20h00
  • November 6th + November 13th + November 20th. 18h00-20h00
  • January 29th + February 5th + February 12th (2020). 18h00-20h00

Dates may be added if the maximum number of participants is reached for any given session.