This course will teach participants the fundamentals of computer music/audio creation and edition. By the end of this course, they will have their own Soundcloud channel, and will be able to produce and optimize soundtracks for any of their multimedia creations.

Participants will become familiar with the relevant hardware: audio cards, microphones, MIDI controllers, etc. They will also learn about (and experiment with) the software Cubase, Ableton and Mixcraft (whether in audio or MIDI formats), as well as the scorewriter software Sibelius. They will learn of the immense world of virtual instruments and plugins, i.e. how to choose them, install them and configure them. Finally, they will learn the basics of audio mastering.

Course specifications

Max participants: 8

Instructor(s): 1 (language: Italian)

Total hours: 6 (3 courses of 2 hours each)

Prerequesites: Starter 101 (or equivalent)

Date options

Contact us to find out the next availability.