Nowadays one can buy a computer anywhere, even in department stores. Such products, like all computers, comprise two different aspects – software and hardware – neither of which are optimized at all. That makes a big difference in overall performance.

Our job is that of tailoring. In addition to carefully selecting the best components, we make sure they are optimized for the kind of work the computer will have to perform. Each one of our computers is built, installed and customized to offer the best performance at the lowest price.

Indeed each platform we deliver is installed, configured and optimized with the proper components, BIOS settings, drivers and system updates; the OS is stripped down and optimized, and relevant software suites are deployed and tested. At the customer’s request we can furthermore install any optimize and additional piece software he/she requires.

Our computer lines range from platforms for standard use (Classic Desktops) all the way up Battle Stations; depending on the model you choose, they are optimized for various kinds of uses, including the most demanding requirements in video editing/rendering, gaming, etc.

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