Crypto-Mining Cell


Optimized and individually built and tested GPU crypto mining station. Built with Nvidia RTX 3080 GPUs, it will deliver 80-90 MH/s of power on Ethash per GPU. It is fully flexible to mine other coins, algorithms, or use the Golem network.

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We are capable of building optimized GPU mining rigs and delivering them anywhere in Switzerland.

Unlike ASIC rigs, GPUs offer an agnostic and flexible solution; it is possible to change coins and/or algorithms at any time. The hardware is therefore likely to keep a much longer shelf life.

GPU computing power is a resource for the future; other than PoW crypto mining, it can be monetized through various GPU-as-a-Service channels, such as the Golem network.

We integrate all our mining cells with HiveOS. The client is of course free to use whatever mining client and/or Web UI he prefers instead.

See the video for more more information on the rigs (Italian), or write us an email.


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Number of GPUs

4 GPU, 8 GPU, 10 GPU