Level 1


The Level 1 of membership is the second-highest possible. It gives you access to two labs per month, and 15% discounts on all our school’s courses. With this membership level, you become one of our treasured drivers.



But what does it mean, to be part of our circle? First and foremost, it gives you access to our online platform: IRC channel, Forum, Wiki, and Knowledge Base. It means you are in contact with a group of like-minded people – passionate about information technology, and convinced it is a tremendously liberating tool!

If, like us, you are enthusiastic and curious, even if you believe you aren’t “expert enough”, we would like you to join! Believe us when we say the expertise is secondary; we will help you gain knowledge, yet you will come to realize that knowledge is always incomplete, and never eternal. Indeed this is especially true in our field: learning is realizing one’s own ignorance!

If, on the other hand, you consider yourself proficient, we would like you to join us as well. We are sure we may still learn from each other, and we would love you to share your expertise with the other members of the Codinglab circle. Indeed with knowledge comes a great responsibility; to pass that knowledge on, and to contribute to the instruction of others.

Level 1 membership, for CHF 199.- per year, includes the following advantages:

  • One account on our IRC channel, forum, Wiki and Knowledge Base
  • One email address @codinglab.dev
  • Access to one free-trial lab
  • 15% discount on all of our school’s courses
  • Access to two labs per month (total: 25 per year)

Within a few hours of purchasing this package, you will receive an email with your account details, including a private and personal coupon code to automatically calculate discounts on courses booked on this website.