Starter 101


This course will familiarize you with elementary notions, and it is the foundation upon which is built all our other courses.



You will come out of this course with the fundamental and practical foundation to build a greater expertise in computers and networks. This course will familiarize you with elementary notions such as files, directories, file types/extensions, file systems, operating systems, partitions, hardware components, peripherals/drivers, network protocols, compression, applications, etc. The practical exercises of this course are crafted for various skill levels: computer “illiterates” are welcome as are participants with more background but with a desire to refresh and/or confirm their existing skills.

Course specifications

  • Max participants: 8
  • Instructor(s): 1 (language: Italian)
  • Total hours: 4 (2 courses of 2 hours each)
  • Prerequisites: none

Additional information


Oct 1 + Oct 8, Oct 23 + Oct 30, Nov 5 + Nov 12, Nov 27 + Dec 4, Feb 25 + Feb 26